TV Production Coming Soon The Restaurant Show

The Restaurant Show

The Concept

“The Restaurant Show” is aimed at the demographic that enjoys good food and a good place to eat.  They are interested in discovering restaurants that offer good service, delicious food and a great ambience.  Our audience are mostly after an overall great experience that is pleasurable and stimulating.  The aim of our TV show is to inform and entertain our audience with segments that cover the restaurant industry, chefs and the origins of food.

Elements of the Show

Where food comes from

Explore where food comes from: Explore the background and origins of different foods, visit the farm, the sea and other interesting locations.

Chef Off

Have 2 Chefs meet in a commercial kitchen, give them a selected and limited amount of ingredients, give them a limited amount of time and then their imaginations go!  At the end we see what they have managed to create under this situation, we will encourage young chefs to show off their skills this way.  We see this as a great way to encourage creativity in young chefs in the industry.

Wine Talk

A sommelier  will give a small presentation on wine each show, explain food matching and the basics of wine appreciation. (Suitable sponsor would be a wine company).

Restaurant of the week presentation:

We present and explore a new restaurant every episode, we discuss its elements, location and theme.  We find out what makes it work and what have been the challenges and the successes.

Interview with Chef/Restaurant Owner:

We interview an interesting Restaurateurs or Chef and listen to them discuss their concepts and themes


Thai Version

Distributed on the NextStep Television network ( which has a large cable / satellite distribution network throughout Thailand.  Estimated reach nationwide through Nextstep channels of 4.2 million households (15 million viewers).  It will air on 2 channels,  "Real Metro"  and "NextStep Television" with a great starting time-slot of 9pm Sunday.

English Version (Coming Soon)

Distributed on the internet in partnership with web sites with large audiences. - As part of our partnership with it will be available for playback on their web site which attracts over 700,00 unique visitors each month.  We anticipate this
will be the major way in which our English speaking audience view our show.


Quality Audience (Upper/middle in urban) with total purchasing power of 25,000 billion Baht.  The NextStep network suits our demographic profile the most as it has the most relevant lineup of infotainment based programming and appropriate audience, which makes it the
perfect home for our programme as sponsors will be matched to the right audience.

Sponsorship Packages available

Full segment sponsor, includes introduction to segment and 30 second advert included.
This is available to sponsors who wish to connect their product or brand to a particular segment where there is a logical fit.
30 second advert placement - regular 30 second TV spot available for general advertisement.