TV Production Coming Soon The Property Show

The Property Show

The Property Show is a show all about property in Thailand, it is presented in the Thai language and we also have plans to present it in English as well.  It provides information and content not currently available to the property buying market.  Additionally by incorporating our company's high standards of produciton we are able to produce a show that is interesting, visually entertaining and

It has many segments which cover the following areas;

  • Condo or Property Presentation - An opportunity to look at new condo projects coming up, and talk to project managers about this projectA walkthrough of and display of new condos or property developments.  The host
    will guide the viewer through the latest concepts, designs and inspirations that inform the viewer of the new-
    est options on the property market.
  • Financial Moment: It is an opportunity to inform and educate our audience about the myriad of financial instruments, home loans and
    other financial considerations that audience are keen to know.
  • Interior Decorator : We will look at the latest fashions and innovations available to the marketplace, whilst giving inspiration to the viewer.
  • Furniture Review : An opportunity to see whats new and whats available in the world of furniture.
  • White goods and technology: An opportunity for our audience to learn about the latest technology and white-
    goods on the market.  Our specialist host will review items and present to the market place.
  • Exotic location or property: We look at some of the more exotic or unusual property developments occuring around