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Why Video

he industry is changing and rich visuals/video are now an essential part of the consumer's pre-purchase research process. Your company now needs to decide whether they will be left behind with current practices or whether you will be a continued destination for customers to terms of providing a service that rises above the competition. Below is an indication of some of the trends and research conducted into the usage of video for tourism research by consumer.

A recent study conducted by Carlson showed that Radisson hotels that feature videos and virtual tours on are averaging 52% more online revenues than those that do not."*

According to a site survey (California Travel and Tourism Commission), some 70% of visitors watch their videos. Of those, over 90% find the videos useful in planning their travel. The result? Increased tourism and innovative marketing strategy brought to life

Four Seasons research and website visitor comments have shown that in addition to checking for hotel availability and property locations, a primary reason to visit is to view hotel videos and photo libraries.

Rich media is changing the online travel marketplace, customers have fundamentally changed how they research their holiday and their online purchasing behaviour now reflects a need for confidence and trust in a product. Video can provide that trust and give them the confidence to purchase online.

Google also offer research into these areas, their conclusions are;

Online Video is Used Throughout the Planning Process & More Often by Business Travelers;





When thinking about taking a trip



When thinking about what type of trip to take



When choosing a destination



When deciding on accommodations, transportation, etc



When looking for activity ideas